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    Top Post-Yoga Snacks For You!

    Yoga is a great practice to get into! It helps bring your spiritual, emotional and physical self all together in one class. It pushes you, forces you to dig deeper into yourself and stretches your entire body out! I notice that when I practice yoga, it gets me in a very natural mindset, like I […]

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    Most Common Indoor Cycling Injuries (And How To Treat Them!)

    Indoor cycling is a pretty safe way to workout – typically it’s low-impact, high-intensity cardio! Participants are able to go at their own pace, use as much (or as little resistance) as they need to get the best workout possible. But there are some common injuries that can happen to those who do a lot […]

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    25 Easy Ways to Burn More Calories

    It may seem daunting, trying to find 500 calories worth of food to cut out each day to try and drop some lb’s (when we drop 500 calories per day, we should lose 1 pound per week!), but how about instead of dropping 500 calories of food, you do small little things each day that […]


    Oddly Healthy (“Oddly Healthy” or “Company”) understands that privacy is very important to you. As a part of providing our service(s), products and operating our websites, the Company collects certain personal and non-personal information from you. This Privacy Policy is designed to explain to you what kind of information the Company collects, how it is […]


    ADVERTISE WITH ODDLY HEALTHY Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’ – Jef I. Richards, Ph.D Make Oddly Healthy part of your advertising strategy. Branded content Get your story across without ever disrupting your customers’ consumption habits. We  work with you to create content that is both compelling and consistent with […]


    Oddly Healthy is all about healthy living, healthy being, a splash of green thrown in and big ‘ol dose of odd.  We march to a beat of a different drummer, pretty much like you.  How do we know we’re like you?  Well only the truly odd ones ever read the ‘about us’section of a web […]

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    25 Most Annoying Habits At The Gym

    The gym has become an extended part of our home. This is where we go to get fit and burn off some steam. For others, it can be a way to meet new people or a way to attract social media attention via “selfies”. Others bring with them some habits that others find weird, strange or […]

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    25 Least Nutritious Foods

    There are a number of vegetables and other food items that can offer you with innumerable health benefits. Apart from that, they also prove to be very tasty, which surely helps when you have to swallow it. On the other hand, there are some food items that may taste heavenly, but have largely negative impacts […]

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    The 25 Healthiest Teas

    Tea is probably the oldest drink in history. It is an amazing beverage that can warm you up during winter and cool you down during summer. For years, people have been brewing various concoctions of tea for flavor and medicinal values. Most people know that a cup of tea will soothe your sore throat. But […]

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    25 Spices To Stock Your Kitchen

    Stocking up the kitchen larder with an array of spices is the best starting point for every aspiring cook. The dried and powdered forms of various roots, fruits, seeds and barks, spices are used to liven up the inherent colors and flavors of food. Regardless of their actual flavor, spices also have a nutritional benefit […]