Why You Should Stop Drinking Detox Tea’s RIGHT NOW


Detox Teas, or also known as “Teatox”, are taking over social media by storm. Celebrities from the Kardashians, to the stars of Pretty Little Liars, are posting photos of themselves with their cups of tea, promoting the health benefits that come with it. These teas are marketed as miracle products, promising to detoxify the body, improve energy levels, reduce bloating and improve weight loss.

Some popular brands claim to “allow your body to rid itself of toxins that may have been building up over many years. This aids in excess energy, boost metabolism and allows impurities to leave your body.” No matter what brand you’re looking at, it’s going to claim that it will boost your metabolism during the day, and the night time one will flush out the toxins and get rid of bloating.

But are these detox teas all that they are cracked up to be? Here are some ingredients that might not be listed on the package that you may want to know about. Although ingredients vary a lot for different brands of tea, here are a couple of the more common ingredients.


Most energizing teas come with caffeine in them, which is great if you’re normally a coffee drinker, but if you don’t have caffeinated beverages often then this is your heads up. A lot of people feel immediately energized when they drink and that’s because of the caffeine, which wakes the body up.


Yes, that’s correct, one of the ingredients responsible for “detoxing” the body is a plant that has laxative properties. This can trigger the stomach looking flattered and make it seem like you’re losing weight while you’re drinking the tea, in other words, it makes it seem like a miracle right before your eyes.

The downfall of the laxatives is that while it does seem as though you’re losing weight, you’re losing a lot of water weight which can be dangerous for your body and result in extreme hydration. On top of that, when you stop using the tea, that water weight will return and you’ll gain the weight back anyway. Laxatives also disrupt the health of your digestive system. It interrupts how your body digests naturally and could have it stop functioning altogether without the help of that tea. All teas discourage prolonged use for this reason.

The idea of a detox is a relatively new one – our bodies are meant to get rid of impurities itself, but with the amount of fake foods we eat these days it seems logical to give the body a little bit of help in that department. When you interfere with nature’s work though, it could be worse than if you just left it alone.

Check out your ingredients before you purchase tea, and try and opt for green tea! It’s got a ton of health benefits and no real downsides, stick to clean, whole foods and limit sugar and alcohol consumption and you’ll detox just fine!