Top Post-Yoga Snacks For You!


Yoga is a great practice to get into! It helps bring your spiritual, emotional and physical self all together in one class. It pushes you, forces you to dig deeper into yourself and stretches your entire body out! I notice that when I practice yoga, it gets me in a very natural mindset, like I want to be vegan for the rest of the day. If you do a lot of yoga you’re probably very hungry afterward – so here are some great snacks for you to munch on after hitting the mat!

Almond Butter & Banana Toast

This is a great snack post-yoga and is definitely something that will fill you up until your next meal! The whole wheat toast is packed with fiber and the almond butter has the protein necessary to help those muscles rebuild themselves from the squats, lunges, and balances from your yoga class. The banana is going to give your body potassium which helps your body recover after a strenuous workout and helps to prevent cramping later on in the day.

Tofu & Avocado Wrap

This hearty delicious wrap is something you’re going to LOVE after your yoga class. Spread some of your favorite hummus on a whole wheat wrap, season some tofu with your favorite seasoning and put it in the center of the wrap. Add avocado, sprinkle some herbs, roll it up – and eat! The tofu and the hummus both have a ton of plant based protein in it and that’s exactly what you need for those muscles after class. The avocado is full of healthy protein that’s going to fill you up and hold you over for the rest of the day!

A Delicious Smoothie

If you’re looking for something a little bit less savory and something that is going to satisfy your sweet tooth, try a fresh fruit smoothie! Using unsweetened almond milk, add your favorite fresh fruit and if you want an added pack of protein, include some tofu or your favorite vegan protein powder. Coconut water, chia seeds or hemp hearts are a great, nutritious addition to your smoothies. It will give your body serious nutrients to help heal after an intense yoga class.

Egg Whites on Whole Grain Toast

If you love practicing yoga in the morning, this is a great breakfast to grab when you’re done. Grill up some egg whites with some EVOO and your favorite seasoning, toast some whole grain bread and place the eggs on top! The eggs are packed with a lot of high-quality protein that will help you stay focused and alert all day long. The toast will give you energy thanks to the complex carbohydrates it’s providing. Together, this dynamic duo will not only help replenish your body after yoga, it will give you the energy you need for the rest of you day.

Greek Yogurt, Granola & Fresh Fruit

This is a great snack to through into a mason jar and take on the go. Throw some plain Greek yogurt on the bottom, add some honey or fresh fruit of your choice and sprinkle granola over the top for a protein packed snack! The yogurt is a great source of protein for your muscles after yoga, and the fresh fruit and granola gives the body a ton of nutrition that it needs!

A Big Ol’ Salad

If you want something super refreshing and delicious, why not just whip up a big ol’ salad? Grab your favorite greens as a base, add your favorite veggies and/or fruit, throw some nuts and seeds on there and maybe even some brown rice or quinoa! The nutrients in the salad will power you through the day and is the perfect addition to your yoga practice goals.