These Foods May Increase Your Chances of Lung Cancer


We all know that it’s important to avoid smoking, as well as second hand smoke, if we want to avoid the risk of developing lung cancer. But did you know it’s also important to avoid certain foods and/or methods of cooking as well? Studies have linked saturated fats as well as processed carbohydrates have been shown to increase the likelihood of lung cancer.

If you live a healthy, active lifestyle, it’s not necessary to cut these foods out of your life completely (thank goodness, I’m such a fan of some of these….). Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to avoid cancer, and it’s also the best way to deal with cancer if you happen to develop it, so keep that in mind! It’s not about limiting your diet, it’s about being healthy overall.

Saturated Fats

A 2017 study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that there is a link between an increased consumption of saturated fats and an increased risk of lung cancer of people who previously smoked but don’t anymore. Keep in mind that if you do smoke, or you’ve recently quit smoking, the quality of the fat you get in your diet is extremely important to avoid lung cancer development.

Beta Carotene Supplements

Beta carotene is a component that’s found naturally in carrots, squash, spinach and many other colorful vegetables. Scientists have found that when people take beta carotene supplements and are smokers, they develop an increased risk of lung cancer. It’s best to avoid supplements like this and just eat the real vegetables. When it comes from an actual plant source, it’s not produced in a lab and your body knows exactly what to do with it when it’s in its natural form.

Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbs are basically a fancy way of saying sugar. When you ingest them, your body has no trouble breaking it down into sugar causing your blood sugar levels to spike and quickly plumit. Sugar also causes a lot of inflammation in the body, and inflammation is the main cause of cancer in general. Not all sugar is bad. You need to consume complex carbohydrates, like quinoa or brown rice, and limit the amount of white rice or white bread you consume as those are the bad guys.

Barbecued Meats

It’s no secret that barbecued meats have been linked to a higher instance of prostate and breast cancer, but not lung cancer. With barbecued meats and lung cancer, it has to do with the barbecuing process. The grilling process actually generates carcinogens that are released when the fat burns, and you inhale it while you’re cooking. Enjoy the barbecue every so often and don’t overcook your meats – the charring is what you need ot avoid!


I know – sounds deadly, right? But Arsenic is a naturally occuring substance found in small quantities in some drinking water, rice, apple juice, seafood and poultry. In areas of the world where arsenic levels are fairly high, the popular itself had higher rates of compromised lung function. For those areas with low levels, passive ingestion isn’t too bad and won’t have a signifcant increase on lung function.