Awesome Benefits of Greek Yogurt


Superfood is a pretty impactful word. Clearly, it implies that the food is super. That is exactly what we think Greek yogurt is, and luckily most other people do too as it is officially a real super food! What are the benefits? Check it out below!


Greek yogurt is more nutritious than regular yogurt! The whey in yogurt is removed when it’s made into Greek yogurt, and without the whey, the yogurt becomes much thicker and creamier! The protein levels increase and a number of probiotics in the yogurt also increases! If you’re a vegetarian, this is a great protein source for you.

Makes You Feel Full

Greek yogurt is a great snack to hold you over from mid-day to dinner time. The higher the protein amount in the snack (or in just the Greek yogurt) the longer it will keep you satiated and hold you over until your next meal!

Low Fat Over Full Fat

A big benefit of Greek yogurt is that the low-fat version offers around the same number of nutrients as the full-fat version, but sooooo many fewer calories! If you go for 0% fat in the yogurt, it might be less creamy and thick but generally, it’s a good option!

It Helps Digestion

Because of the high volume of probiotics inside the Greek yogurt, it helps keep your entire digestive system running totally smooth! The microorganisms naturally found in Greek yogurt help ease the pain of constipation, diarrhea, and IBS! When you’re looking for Greek yogurt with probiotics, search for the term “live and active bacteria cultures” in the ingredient list.

It Can Be A Substitute

If you aren’t a fan of the tangy flavor of Greek yogurt on its own, that’s ok – you can substitute it and use it instead of mayo or sour cream! You can add it to a smoothie to help make it a bit creamier, use it to make a cream based soup or add a blob of it on top of a bowl of chili! The options to incorporate it into different dishes is endless – which is a huge reason why we love it so much!