5 Of Your Food Cravings & What They Mean


We’ve all been there. Maybe sitting at home, minding your own business, and the craving suddenly hits you. It may be your sweet tooth, it may be your sweet tooth, you may want something quite savory, but if you didn’t know already – your food cravings may be trying to tell you something. Cravings are your body’s way of telling you it needs something, and although it could be a nutrient deficiency, it could have to do with social, environmental, cultural or emotional cues. Let’s break down those food cravings and see what your body is really telling you.

You’re Craving Salt

Have you ever noticed that you crave salt after an intense workout? It could be because you’ve burned a lot of calories, but it could also be because your dehydrated and your electrolytes are imbalanced. If you exercise a lot, you can lose a lot of water and salt through your sweat. First things first, grab a big glass of water and down it just to make sure it’s not only thirst. If you do need more salt, grab a sports drink and that will help replenish the sodium levels in your body. If it happens often, consult with your doctor as it may be an underlying medical condition.

You’re Craving Red Meat

If you feel like all you could really go for is a nice juicy steak, your body may be saying that you need some iron, zinc or maybe Vitamin B12, all of which comes in abundance in a piece of red meat. If you’re trying to cut back on red meat for other health reasons, try taking a step back for ten minutes and do something outside of the kitchen. The cravings may pass if it’s more of a habit for you to have red meat. If the cravings persist, talk to your doctor and maybe they would recommend a supplement routine for you.

You’re Craving Sugar

Craving sugar may be your body telling you something about your emotional health. Studies have shown that when something is bothering you, you tend to crave sweeter, sugary, high-carbohydrate foods – and the bad news? Women are more susceptible to these cravings according to a study out of Yale University. To fight these cravings, the studies have shown that even walking for 15 minutes can curb them! Need even more? Head some place sunny! The sun and fresh air can help with emotional and mental stress.

You’re Craving Chocolate

If your emotional health is no worry for you – craving chocolate may be your body saying that your magnesium levels are low. Women tend to crave chocolate around the same times as their periods because during a woman’s period her body soaks up a lot more magnesium than when she’s not menstruating. If you do notice these cravings around the time of your period, opt for nutritious foods full of magnesium such as dark leafy greens, avocado or a banana.

You’re Craving Cheese

There is actually a chemical reason why you crave cheese after a bad day. Cheese is a legitimate comfort food because when you eat it, it provides your body with l-tryptophan (an amino acid that’s in cheese) which increases the overall amount of serotonin in the body, and serotonin is the chemical in your body that makes you happy!