25 Least Nutritious Foods


There are a number of vegetables and other food items that can offer you with innumerable health benefits. Apart from that, they also prove to be very tasty, which surely helps when you have to swallow it. On the other hand, there are some food items that may taste heavenly, but have largely negative impacts on your body. These food items can even sabotage your health to the point of no return. Some of these food items cause health conditions that are easily visible, while there are others that take a toll on your health slowly and over a period of time making it difficult for you to counter the side effects until it becomes too late.

Today, we are going to list 25 such food items that can have adverse impacts on your health. Try to avoid the food items mentioned below the next time you are having a meal in case you are even slightly health conscious.

25. Shark Meat

Anyone who has been bitten by a shark will tell you how dangerous and painful the attack can be. However, a bite is the not only harm that a shark can do to you. Shark meat is also very harmful for your body as they are very high on mercury content. Sharks consume an astonishingly large quantity of smaller fishes during their lifetime and all the mercury from these fishes get accumulated in the shark’s body. When you consume shark meat, this mercury is then transferred to your body, and can cause a lot of damage. It would be safer for you to try light canned tuna fish, shrimps, salmon, catfish and similar fish items.