25 Spices To Stock Your Kitchen


Stocking up the kitchen larder with an array of spices is the best starting point for every aspiring cook. The dried and powdered forms of various roots, fruits, seeds and barks, spices are used to liven up the inherent colors and flavors of food. Regardless of their actual flavor, spices also have a nutritional benefit which makes them essential for healthy cooking. Whether you are intending to whip up savory delicacies, or simply focus on improving your baking skills, the following 25 spices have you covered! They support every recipe and blend beautifully with a wide range of ingredients to create a dish that is sure to please every palate.

#25 Onion Powder

A convenient natural seasoning for all kinds of dishes, onion powder is derived by dehydrating and grinding onions. It’s a common ingredient and just like garlic powder, it’s a nice and flavorful ingredient to keep aside for those days when you don’t have fresh onions handy. Onion powder blends well with garlic powder and other spices to create an infinite assortment of savory seasonings, suitable for vegetarian and meat recipes.