Want To Make Money Losing Weight?


Seriously! I know, it sounds a bit crazy, but there are some apps on the market right now that actually pay you when you lose weight. Sound interesting? Check out the list below and start earning that cash while you lose weight!



Pact is an app where you literally make bets on what you’re going to be doing each week. You set a goal (workout 5 times in one week) and the app will actually verify that you’re completing your goal. If you complete what you bet on, you get to split the pot with all of the other winners. If you don’t hit your goal, however, you’ll be left with nothing!



DietBet follows along with the research that says dropping 4% body fat over the span of 4 weeks is acceptable weight loss. You bet at least $20 and then the amount you win at the end just depends on how much weight you drop! If you don’t win any money, your money goes to people that do! You can join different challenges and even get some awesome workout tips of trainers they have in their database.


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The minimum amount of time you can participate in a bet on HealthyWage is 3 months. You start by submitting a video verifying your weight when you start the bet. The app itself calculates how much your potential earnings can be (up to $10,000 if you want to be risky and bet a lot!) as well as the specifics of your bet! You end the bet with another video verifying the weight you’ve lost and you can take home cash either via PayPal or in Amazon credits!


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WellCoin is an app where you log all of the healthy activities you do throughout your day, from healthy eating to walking around your office. People don’t win real, cold, hard cash in this app, but rather their own currency, known as WellCoins. When you get enough WellCoins in your bank, you can shop in their online marketplace which carries items from various fitness and health brands.