5 Simple Things To Do Each Day To Better Your Life


Life can get us all down sometimes, we all know that! Keeping a positive attitude and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a great way to help ensure those downs are a little less painful. If you find yourself getting down on your luck a little too often, take a few of these tips and try implementing them into your regular life and you’ll quickly start to notice how much better you feel.

Only Complain When You Have A Solution

Venting is normal, it gets stuff off of our chests, it feels good to vocalize something that is bothering you. But complaining for the sake of complaining is actually counterproductive. It feeds the negative energy and the negative thoughts in your head and it takes away from time you could be using to find a solution. If something bothering you takes a quick phone call, just do it! Normally the things that bother us have a much more simple solution that we thought of in the first place.

Be Kind To Yourself

It’s easy to be kind to people we love and care about, but sometimes it’s really difficult to be kind to ourselves. If you’re hard on yourself, take a step back and ask yourself why. Maybe there’s something specific you’re doing when you decide to nitpick yourself. Keep a post-it on the mirror reminding yourself to find 1 thing every day that you love about yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take some time for yourself and unwind with a good book. Being kind to yourself may look different for everyone – find what works for you and let yourself have it!

Exercise Daily

Breaking a sweat every day can help your body release some serious endorphins, which elevates our mood and makes us happier! Aim to get 20-30 minutes of sweat time each day and you’ll find just how much more you start treating your body and mind with kindness. The more healthy activities you partake in, the more you’ll be motivated to do good to your body.

Practice Gratitude

Keep a notebook beside your bed, and before you even get up in the morning, write down one thing that you’re grateful for! It could be anything, your job, your significant other, whatever you want. Taking a moment to write that down makes you think about all of the great things in your life that you’re happy you have. It can set you up for being in the right headspace all day long and allows you to focus on what you do have as opposed to what you don’t have.

Drink Water When You Wake Up

Whether you like a big glass of cold water, warm water, lemon water, honey water… grab a big glass when you first wake up! It can help jumpstart your metabolism, invigorate your senses and help flush toxins out of your body.