25 Most Annoying Habits At The Gym


6. Hostile Takeovers

One Jacked Monkey

Has this ever happened to you? Then you’ll know how frightening and annoying it can be. Some people will put this on top of their annoyances list. The scenario starts like this – you go to an exercise machine and start using it because it’s free. Then suddenly, an individual comes along and insists that they were using it. They loudly claim they just took a rest. Well, the only problem is that you see this particular individual hogging the equipment ever since you got there. They shoo people away and say they’re just resting. They won’t even take one step away from the equipment! Instead, they park their butts on the equipment as they complete other consecutive sets. Perhaps their most telltale line is “I’m almost done.” Well, chances are that you’d still see that person on that same equipment even as you head out to the shower.