25 Most Annoying Habits At The Gym


The gym has become an extended part of our home. This is where we go to get fit and burn off some steam. For others, it can be a way to meet new people or a way to attract social media attention via “selfies”. Others bring with them some habits that others find weird, strange or straight-up annoying. Here are the 25 most annoying habits at the gym.

25. Choosing The Exercise Machine That’s Just Right Beside You When There Are Dozens More Available

Ever heard of personal space? Yeah, it goes for all public spaces. You know, bathrooms, cubicles, and exercise machines. When you go to the movies and see seats that are empty, do you cozy up to the nearest stranger you find? No, you respect their personal space and choose to sit somewhere else. You can also enjoy your alone time and the space given to you as well.