25 Best Low Impact Workouts


22. Water Therapy or Water Aerobics

If swimming lap after lap around the pool get tedious and boring, try the next best thing- water aerobics! People who love participating in group fitness¬†can join a water therapy class. Some notable gyms around your area even have underwater treadmills to put a nice spin to the ole’ water aerobics training.

Exercise in the water is a miraculous thing – you get better conditioning while stress is at a minimum, especially on the back area. The water’s natural buoyancy keeps you afloat and it kind of counteracts the effects of gravity. A person becomes unweighted in water; they become more mobile, and strength and other forms of exercise become less painful. Exercises like arm circles, bicep curls, hip abduction lifts work on the shoulders and deltoids, while tricep kickbacks are made so much easier while the individual is immersed in water. If you have back pain, then water therapy is perhaps the best solution. There all kinds of exercise one can use to reduce neck, lower back or back pain altogether. Patients who can’t tolerate doing exercises on land can turn to the pool for much-needed relief.