25 Best Low Impact Workouts


6. Rowing

Get cardio, wondrous outdoor sights and the healthy rays of the sun by going on a rowing expedition. There’s also an option to work on a rowing machine indoors, but they both provide the same benefits – a better core and stronger arms, legs and back. Rowing on a specialized machine gives you a great total body workout. The high intensity movement is easy on the joints while burning off your body fat. In fact, many experts consider rowing as the best exercise of all because of its ability to work all the main muscle groups while being easy on the joints. It burns more calories by the hour as compared to other common aerobic exercises.

You can use rowing as a low-impact aerobic activity if you love to burn a lot of calories. Get it for its ability to provide a total body workout while being easy on the joints. More importantly, you can improve your athletic performance and improve fitness levels in one stroke.