25 Best Low Impact Workouts


14. Swimming

One of the best low impact exercises everyone must have experienced at one point in their lives is swimming. Instead of lazing about the pool deck, why not take a dip and do some laps? You get stronger shoulders and your lungs become better. Swimming also provides a total body workout, much like rowing does. It burns quite a lot of calories in the process. Swimmers also enjoy working on a relatively weightless environment (water), which further lessens the chance of any injury. It tones your whole body because all the muscle groups are used.

You don’t need to be an expert swimmer to gain the benefits. The standard freestyle should do. If you want a little challenge, then do some research and try out the other strokes as well. Changing the level of intensity should shake things up a bit, which is better for you and your health.

Swimming is the recommended low impact exercise for people who want the least amount of possible injuries. It works out all your muscle groups and it improves your athletic performance and fitness levels. Last but not the least, it burns a significant number of calories that can get you slimmer much faster.