25 Best Low Impact Workouts


Low-impact workouts are making a comeback due to the numerous benefits they provide. Take a break from all that high-intensity workout, physical sports and activities and try out low impact exercises that are easy on the joints! They can also be an excellent way to get your heart running without worrying about possible injuries.

Experts and trainers define a low-impact workout as an exercise where the participant’s foot (or at least one of them) is always on the ground. The term “low” is often a misleading term, because these types of exercises can burn plenty of calories in one sitting. They are better for your joints than high-impact activities such as running or jumping rope. Health advocates recommend starting out with low-impact exercises before getting to the more vigorous ones. If you’re pregnant, overweight, struggling with a chronic condition or injuries, then low impact exercises are the one for you. Here are 25 best low impact workouts.

25. Cross-Country Skiing

Do some relatively soft flat-terrain travel if you’re in the colder areas. Put on your skis and start pushing your arms forward. Snow keeps the pressure light on the body.