Oddly Healthy is all about healthy living, healthy being, a splash of green thrown in and big ‘ol dose of odd.  We march to a beat of a different drummer, pretty much like you.  How do we know we’re like you?  Well only the truly odd ones ever read the ‘about us’section of a web site. Hey, we’re not judging, we kinda like having kindred spirits checking us out and telling all their friends about us.

We like to find new and interesting things about health, life and ideas to help us all get through things. Some of it will be wacky and odd, some of it will be serious and some stuff will just make you go hmmm.  But through it all, you’ll come away with a bit more information that you may or may not find useful, funny or relevant but what the hell, its better that some of that mind numbing celebrity drivel…Ok, full disclosure, we actually sometimes love that stuff, hey we’re human too.

So sit back, sip some tea and enjoy the ride because there’s always something out there that’s Oddly Healthy.